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CTR Bike Brands include Trek, Gary Fisher and Specialized Bicycles.
CTR Bikes Helping you Carry the Message Helping you Carry the Message Helping you Carry the Message
Helping you Carry the Message Helping you Carry the Message Helping you Carry the Message
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CTR Bikes are exclusively available ONLY to LDS missionaries.
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Customize your selected bike to suit your weight and height. Be sure to look at all of our bike models to help you make an informed decision.
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It is your responsibility to select a bike model suitable for your weight. Choosing the wrong bike may void your warranty or cause maintenance problems.
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Occasional Use
The Reaction SilverRidge SE models are for those requiring an occasional use mission bicycle. These bicycles are better than cheap economy bikes bought in discount stores. However, they are not intended for average or above average use in the missions. Rather, they are for missions with only partial bicycle use where a bicycle is needed just occasionally. We equip these bikes with basic accessories lights front and back, helmet and U-lock. Any additional accessories may be added at your discretion. The warranty against manufacturing defects or parts failure for the Reaction bikes is 3 months only from date of purchase. However, we still continue to offer our Guaranteed Bike Replacement program for the entire two years of the mission. These bikes are recommended only for missionaries under 200 lbs.